Books (Editor)

Being the first: Storis blong oloketa mere lo Solomon Aelan

Waring, M., Pollard, A. (Eds) (2010)
Pacific Media Centre for the Institute of Public Policy and Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), Honiara

Managing mayhem: Work-life balance in New Zealand

Waring, M, & Fouché, C. (Eds.) (2007)

Book Chapters

Gender and economics

Waring, M. (2018)
In H. Callan (Ed.), The international encyclopedia of anthropology. Online: Wiley & Sons

Appreciation: Talking to Ailsa

Waring, M. (2016)
In J. Campbell & M. Gilespie (Eds.), Feminist economics and public policy. London, UK: Routledge

Appreciative inquiry: Enabling occupation through the envisioning mind

Mace, J., Hocking, C., Waring, M. (2014)
In S. Nayar & M. Stanley (Eds.), Qualitative research methodologies for occupational science and therapy. London, UK: Routledge

Unpaid workers: The absence of rights

Waring, M. (2013)
In M. H. Hobbs & C. Rice (Eds.), Gender and women’s studies in Canada: Critical Terrain (pp. 90-98). Canada: Canadian Scholars’ Press

Policy and measure of woman

Waring, M. (2009)
In A. Salleh (Ed.), Eco-sufficiency & global justice: Women write political ecology (pp. 165-179). London, UK: Pluto Press

Do unpaid workers have rights?

Waring, M. (2007)
In M. Waring & C. Fouché (Eds.), Managing mayhem: Work-life balance in New Zealand (pp. 50-69). Wellington, New Zealand: Dunmore

Portfolio lives: The work-life balance of artists

Waring, M. (2007)
In M. Waring & C. Fouché (Eds.), Managing mayhem: Work-life balance in New Zealand (pp. 214-234). Wellington, New Zealand: Dunmore

The South Pacific and the Antarctica: A region under threat

Waring, M. (2007)
In M. Barlow, W Bello, B Cassen, S. George, B. Kagarlitsky D. Keet, J. Ziegler (Eds.), Voix rebelles du mond: Rebel voices of the world. France: HB Editions


Waring, M. (2006)
In L. Simmons (Ed.), Speaking truth to power: Public intellectuals rethink New Zealand (pp. 164-173). Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press

Changes in household make-up and implications for economic policy: A conversation to honour Duncan Ironmonger

Waring, M. (2005)
In T. Van Hoa (Ed.), Advanced I nhousehold economics, consumer behaviour and economic policy. London, UK: Routledge

Less than equal: Women's experience of citizenship

Waring, M. (2000)
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Letter to my sisters: How to obscure the real horrors

Waring, M. (1997)
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What men value and what women are worth

Waring, M. (1997)
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The exclusion of women from 'work' and 'opportunity'

Waring, M. (1993)
In K. Mahoney & P. Mahoney (Eds.), Human rights in the twenty-first century: A global challenge. (pp. 109-118). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff

Gender and international law: Women and the right to development

Waring M. (1989)
In D. W. Greig, & P. Alston (Eds.), Australian Year Book of International Law, vol 12 (pp. 177-189). Canberra, Australia: Australian National University