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Academic sources discuss Waring’s work
Academic sources discuss Waring's work

7 July 2023
The Historical Roots of a Feminist ‘Degrowth’: Maria Mies’s and Marilyn Waring’s Critiques of Growth.
In Towards a Political Economy of Degrowth (Transforming Capitalism), (Gregoratti, C., & Raphael, R. (2019))

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Auckland Investiture

24 May 2022
Professor Dame Marilyn Waring was one of those acknowledged in this morning's investiture ceremony at Government House Auckland ...

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Dame Marilyn Waring on new WHO Council

12 May 2021
The World Health Organisation has asked Professor Dame Marilyn Waring to help come up with new strategies to build healthy societies. The AUT Professor of Public Policy is one of 11 global experts convened for the new WHO Council on the Economics of Health for All ...

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The People who Saved New Zealand from Covid 19

29 July 2020, NZ Herald
They weren't on the lists of essential workers. They were available 24/7, and we couldn't have progressed without them ...

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How we count women's work is discussed at the 2020 New Zealand Arts Festival

17 May 2020, Radio NZ Smart Talk
American ethnographer Kristen Ghodsee and activist-writer Marilyn Waring talk to Kathryn Ryan about the fight for valuing women's economic contribution to society.

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New Year Honours: Marilyn Waring, who inspired a teenage Ardern, made a dame

31 Dec 2019, The Guardian
The woman who inspired Jacinda Ardern to enter politics is among those recognised in this year's New Zealand New Year’s honours.

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New Year Honours: Dame Marilyn Waring's ground-breaking career honoured

31 Dec 2019, NZ Herald
Marilyn Waring isn't one for titles. After being elected to Parliament in 1975 - at age 23 - she asked to be referred to as "Ms Waring" in the House, only to be told it wasn't appropriate. She could be Miss or M. Waring, the Speaker's office declared. "So I became Marilyn Waring. And that's all I am," she says, having been appointed a dame companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

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New Year Honours: Former MP and feminist Marilyn Waring made a dame

31 Dec 2018, Radio NZ Sunday Morning
The public policy professor, former National MP and feminist Marilyn Waring has been made a dame for services to women and economics.

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Why feminist economist Marilyn Waring joined the National Party
Tauranga Arts Festival: Why feminist economist Marilyn Waring joined the National Party

8 Oct 2019, NZ Herald
Prepare yourself New Zealand politics and history nerds. Marilyn Waring will be touching down in the Bay of Plenty as part of this year's Tauranga Arts Festival speaker lineup.

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Marilyn Waring on her pioneering days as New Zealand's youngest ever MP
Marilyn Waring on her pioneering days as New Zealand's youngest ever MP

29 Sept 2019
She left parliament after nine years of service, thoroughly traumatised and disillusioned after a constant battle to stay true to herself.

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Time to 'grow up' and implement CGT

2 March 2019, Newshub
Leading economist Marilyn Waring says some form of Capital Gains Tax is overdue and it's time New Zealand "grew-up" and implemented one. Speaking to Newshub Nation, the former National Party MP dismissed arguments over CGT as 'tedious'.

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The Nation: Emma Jolliff interviews Professor Marilyn Waring

2 March 2019, Scoop
Leading economist and former National MP Professor Marilyn Waring first raised her concerns about inequality and economic measurement 30 years ago. Now, she’s detailed her criticisms of Treasury’s new framework to measure inter-generational wellbeing in her new book, Still Counting.

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Making women’s unpaid work count

May 2018, The Monthly
Feminist economics pioneer Marilyn Waring on care and the unfinished feminist revolution.

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Marilyn Waring: still counting

24 Dec 2018, Newsroom
Thirty years after her groundbreaking book, Counting for Nothing, exposed the rampant sexism at the heart of our system of national accounts, Treasury is finally overhauling the way they calculate just what is happening in our economy.

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Marilyn Waring: still counting the value of women's unpaid work

16 Dec 2018, Radio NZ Sunday Morning
The government's approach to welfare and work continues to ignore the largest labour market in every economy in the world, former National MP and groundbreaking feminist economist Dr Marilyn Waring's new book warns.

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Making it count

10 Dec 2018, Otago Daily Times
The default measure of how we are doing, gross domestic product, is teetering close to the edge of its pedestal. Prof Marilyn Waring suggests we give it a nudge, Tom McKinlay reports.

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Measuring the market: spoiling the planet

10 Dec 2018, Otago Daily Times
Best-selling author and rock-star thinker Yuval Noah Harari says gross domestic product (GDP) is the most powerful story in the world, and as such a key driver of societies.

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Marilyn Waring: Women's work still ignored

9 Dec 2018, Stuff
It's the largest single sector in the economy, and yet male chauvinism could mean it remains excluded from Treasury's Living Standards Framework.

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Visionary Leader: Marilyn Waring - a pioneer visionary

22 Nov 2018, NZ Herald
Many people remember Marilyn Waring as the feisty young National Member of Parliament who got under Prime Minister Rob Muldoon's skin and provoked the 1984 Snap Election.

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How Marilyn Waring went from political prodigy to international influencer

19 Sept 2018, Noted
Marilyn Waring is nearing the last chapter of an account of her time as an MP, which ended abruptly with the calling of a snap election.

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Marilyn Waring: 40 years of feminism

7 March 2015, Radio NZ Saturday Morning
Marilyn Waring is professor of public policy at AUT University who spoke about 40 years of feminism at the International Women's Day Celebration Breakfast at Parliament.