Journal articles
Recognising Breastfeeding as a Carbon Offset

Julie Patricia Smith, Phillip Baker, Roger Mathisen, Aoife Long, Nigel Rollinse & Marilyn Waring (2024)
Bulletin of the World Health Organization (

The Economics During Lockdown

Dame Marilyn Waring (2020)
Ministry for Women

Signifier of Kiwi Identity: Would the Real Buzzy Bee Please Step Forward

Lindsay Neill, Marilyn Waring (2019)
Public History Review, Vol. 26

Quality of life of living with a transplanted liver: The issue of returning to normalcy

Wainwright B, Waring MJ, Julich S, Yeung P, Green JK (2016)
Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work 30(1), 7-10

Leaving the experts: Experiences of liver transplant recipients in New Zealand

Waring, M. (2016)
Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 32(3), 7-19

Segues and synergies: Feminist economist and occupational scientists meet human rights

Wainwright B, Waring MJ, Julich S, Yeung P, Green JK (2016)
Journal of Occupational Science, 24(1), 43-53

Comment: The data rankings business

Waring, M. (2014)
New Zealand Sociology, 29(2), 100-108

Feminists transforming economic power

Waring, M. (2012)
Development, 55(3), 269-272

Embracing disruptions, responding to uncertainties, valuing agency: situation a feminist approach to social protection

Reid, E., Waring, M., Enriquez, C., Shivdas, M. (2012)
Development, 55(3), 291-298

Unpaid workers: The absence of rights

Waring, M. (2004)
Canadian Woman Studies, 23(3-4)

Counting for something! Recognising women's contribution to the global economy through alternative accounting systems

Waring, M. (2003)
Gender & Development, 11(1), 35-43

Honoured in the breach? Development assistance and human rights

Waring, M. (1998)
UN Chronicle, 35(4)

Human rights for daily use: making the legal case for women’s unpaid work

Waring, M. (1998)
Canadian Woman Studies, 18(1), 11-20

The invisibility of women’s work: The economics of local and global “bullshit”

Waring, M. (1997)
Canadian Woman Studies, 17(2)

A woman’s reckoning: The majority’s perspective on growth

Waring, M. (1990)
Australian Journal of Public Administration, 49(3), 305-314

Gender and international law: Women and the right to development

In D. W. Greig, & P. Alston (Eds.)
Australian Year Book of International Law, 12, 177-189

Other publications
Whose work was the inspiration for the first nuke-free country?

Waring, M. (Sep 2016)

Making visible the invisible: commodification is not the answer

Waring, M. (May 2012)

Social Protection: A Question of Delivering on Rights and Resources

Waring, M. (Apr 2012)
The Commonwealth Library

Women in politics and aid effectiveness: an aid to evaluation of MDG3

Waring, M. (Nov 2011)
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Waring, M. (Feb 2010)
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Women's Political Participation

Waring, M. (2010)
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Pacific Gender and Aid Effectiveness Case Study Report

Waring, M. (Feb 2009)
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The strengths and needs of the Ethnic Women’s Network Project

Waring, M. (Oct 2008)
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Politica y estrategia de provisio de la atencion de salud en la region de la OPS y medicion del trabago no renumerado.

Waring, M. (2008)
In Organizacion Panamericana De La Salud, La economía invisible y las desigualdades de género (pp. 245-285). Washington DC: OPS.

Ministerial review of progress in implementing 2001 Cabinet recommendations establishing NZAID

Waring, M. [Reviewer]. (Jul 2005)
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Civil Society, Community Participation and Empowerment in the Era of Globalisation

Waring, M. (May 2004)