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What we value with Marilyn Waring

August 2021, Asian and The Pacific Policy Society
On the second instalment in our Policy Forum Pod mini-series on work, principal founder of the field of feminist economics Marilyn Waring joins us to talk about what society values and why.

How we count women’s work is discussed at the 2020 New Zealand Arts Festival

May 2020, Radio NZ Smart Talk
American ethnographer Kristen Ghodsee and activist-writer Marilyn Waring talk to Kathryn Ryan about the fight for valuing women's economic contribution to society.

2019 State of the Nation's Environment Address

Aug 2019, Lincoln University
The wellbeing budget and its impact on the environment.

Marilyn Waring on her time in Parliament

Jul 2019, Radio NZ
'I wasn't able to stomach the place'.

The Real Gender Pay Gap

Jul 2019, Radio NZ
Women are paid less than men and do more unpaid work. The gender pay gap doubles after women become mothers. Female-dominated professions tend to be lower-paid than male-dominated ones. What's going on and can we fix it?

Bookmarks: From Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan

Jun 2019, Radio NZ
Marilyn heads into the Auckland Studio to pick the music and talk about some of her favourite things!

Interview with Marilyn Waring

2019, Triple R FM
On the limits to GDP and how we do not count our largest sector.

Still counting the value of women's unpaid work

Dec 2018, Radio NZ Sunday Morning
The government's approach to welfare and work continues to ignore the largest labour market in every economy in the world, former National MP and groundbreaking feminist economist Dr Marilyn Waring's new book warns.

Marilyn Waring - counting women

Oct 2018, Radio National Late Night Live
Long before sceptical economists like Amartya Sen and Joseph Stieglitz, there was NZ's Marilyn Waring and her feminist, humanist critique of economics and power. Her take on what culture values - and devalues - was prescient then - and is still applicable today.

Thirty Years Later: Are We Still ‘Counting for Nothing’?

Nov 2016 - Parkland Institute's 20th Annual Conference
The opening keynote at Shifting Gears: Transitioning to the Future Economy.

The Pamela Denoon Lecture 2015

Mar 2015, Canberra
Women have been the unpaid workers in households and families for millennia. As any of this work moved into the market, women occupied the gender stereotyped low paid positions which replaced the unpaid work.