In the Lifetime of a Goat: Writings 1984-2000

Marilyn Waring (2004)

Marilyn Waring was in Ethiopia during the 1984 famine, in Bombay when Indira Gandhi was assassinated, in New York at the height of the feminist movement, and attended the Jamaican funeral for Bob Marley. Now a goat farmer and associate professor in politics at Massey University (Albany), she continues her international work in development, and lectures around the world on economic and political issues.

In the years since leaving Parliament in 1984, Marilyn Waring has continued to write. The best from her popular Listener columns appear here, along with much new writing. Introductions provide a contemporary framework for the central themes - international questions, New Zealand politics, feminist issues, women of influence, and (by no means least) life on the farm.

Marilyn Waring is 'the rare expert who is witty, a populist, and an excellent explainer' (Gloria Steinem); she is an acute political observer with a fund of knowledge and a profound sense of humanity. Her world is edged, on the one side, by the international questions of the day and, on the other, by the goats she farms; from this perspective, she offers us a commentary on 'the lifetime of a goat', events large and small from 1984 to 2000.

Print publication: April 2004
Ebook publication: December 2018
Pages: 158
ISBN: 9781877242090